Project Management

Project and contract management services have been found to be very beneficial for emerging operators.  There is a tendency in those operators to keep their own organisation at a minimum manning level and subcontract activates.  We offer contract management on Operator’s behalf.

Z-Subsea act same as your internal project team.  We are the interfaces between you and your contractor. This service saves you from developing a project team in your organisation. You need to assign a focal point only.  We do everything on behalf of you. 
Z-Subsea can assist you with preparation of your project scope, tendering, clarification meetings with tenderers and recommendations for awarding the project.

We offer the project and contract management services at Pre-FEED, Detailed Deign, and Procurement and Construction phases of your project.

Engineering Management


Management of Pre-FEED, FEED and detailed design project is part of Z-Subsea activities. A dedicated project team ensures that clients' interests are satisfied in all steps of the project.

The Role Of Engineering management team is to ensure that all project deliverables are achieved within agreed budget and schedule. The quality of contractor's deliverables is our concern. Our team ensures deliverables comply with all applicable standards recommended codes of practice and a high level of technical quality is achieved.

Procurement Management

Procurement of long-lead items are one of the critical items of a design and construction schedule. Long-lead items are generally expensive and any delay in their delivery can have huge negative impact on project schedule.
Procurement management are conducted through following two services:

  • Market study and assessment of suppliers: Preparation  of technical specification for  procurement items, complete it with commercial Terms & Conditions and then contact various vendors. We send Request for Quotation (RFQ) to all market suppliers, hold technical and commercial clarification meeting with them and produce a report to include a techno-commercial study of the market and recommend the best supplier considering technical, commercial and schedule (delivery date) considerations.
  • Procurement management: Managing procurement on behalf of client. We assign manufacturing engineers and co-ordinators to the manufacturing site to ensure full compliance with technical specifications of procurement order.  We ensure all material certificates, production tests, Factory Applied Tests (FATs) are performed based on agreed Inspection and Test Plan ( ITP ). We ensure delivery of the items on agreed date and within the budget. 

Construction Management

Z-Subsea manage construction activities to ensure the quality, cost and schedule of all services received from contractors are within agreed contract terms and conditions.

Our representatives cover:

  • Review and endorsement of material certificates;
  • Review and endorsement of Welding Procedure Specification (WPS);
  • Witness, review and endorsement of Welding Procedure Qualification Records (PQR);
  • Witness, review and endorsement of Welders Qualification Tests;
  • Visual inspection of Welds and endorsement of the report;
  • Review of NDT reports;
  • Witness, review and endorsement of dimensional controls;
  • Witness, review and endorsement of hydrotests.

EPIC Management

Z-Subsea offer contract management for full Engineering, Procurement, construction, and Installation (EPCI) projects.

This service ensures an integrated approach towards final delivery of the project for our clients.