Z-Subsea Projects

Key Z-Subsea personnel have comprehensive industrial experience and worked for Design Consultants, Independent Verification Bodies and Operators such as J P Kenny, KBR, Xodus Group, Genesis Oil and Gas Consultants, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyd’s Register (LR), TWI Ltd., and Talisman Energy before joining Z-Subsea.

Following summarises their experience while working for the above companies:

Subsea Design:

  • FEED of Jordbaer field development – BG Norge;
  • FEED of Devenick field development – BP Exploration & Operating Company Ltd.;
  • FEED of Flyndre Cawdor field development – Maersk &Talisman Energy;
  • FEED and detailed design of Rev / Varg South gas condensate field – Talisman Energy Norge AS (design verification services);
  • FEED and detailed design of Shah Deniz Stage 2 Risers and J-Tubes – BP;
  • Pre-FEED of West Delta Deep Marine (WDDM) Phase IX Development – BG;
  • FEED and detailed design of Jasmine and Jade development HPHT pipe-in-pipe riser and spools and bulkheads – Conocophillips;
  • FEED of Ptarmigan Field Development, OilExco;
  • Detailed design of Skarv field development – BP Exploration & Operating Company Ltd.;
  • Detailed design of Al-Rayyan Pipeline and PLEM – Occidental Petroleum of Qatar Limited;
  • Detailed design of Lyell pipeline, tie-in spool and flanges- CNR
  • Detailed Design of Galley redevelopment – Talisman Energy (design verification services);
  • Halfdan Notheast Phase 3 filed development – Maersk Oile Og Gas AS (design verification services);
  • Detailed design of Turkey-Greece natural gas pipeline system (Offshore Section) –Petroleum Pipeline Corporation of Turkey (design verification services);
  • Detailed design of Dumbarton field development – Maersk Oil North Sea UK Limited (design verification services);
  • Chestnut field development – Venture Production Company (design verification services);
  • Field lay out Study at Scott PD platform for Rochelle field development.
  • Field layout of West Delta Deep Marine (WDDM) Phase IX Development – BG;
  • Laggan tie-in spool and flange design – Total;
  • Dunbar and Alwyn Pipe-in-Pipe Tie-in spools Design verification – Total.

Integrity Management and Integrity Engineering:

  • Lateral buckling, trawl gear interference and free span assessment of Vesterled and Frigg pipeline system- Total;
  • Lateral buckling assessment of  Total Alwyn North pipeline  system;
  • Pipeline integrity assessment during plug recovery at BP Bruce field;
  • Integrity assessment of a scoured tie-in Spool – Talisman Energy UK;
  • Fatigue failure assessment of fully ruptured topdrive shaft of drilling rig “Eirik Raude”;
  • Development of integrity management procedure for entire subsea system of Huntington Development – E-On;
  • Fitness for service assessment of Triton-Clapham water injection valve skid – PetroCanada UK;
  • Joint industry project (JIP) on treatment of residual stress in ECA of girth welds under high plastic deformation – various operators and EPIC contractors;
  • Corrosion Assessment of Elgin-Franklin gas export riser – Total UK E&P, Aberdeen;
  • Corrosion assessment of Al-Shaheen water injection pipes – Maersk;
  • Life extension study for Dunbar-Alwyn pipe-in-pipe – Total UK;
  • Corrosion Assessment for PL488/15S pipeline – Total UK;
  • Fracture characterisation and defect assessment of Sakhaline II 14” girth welded pipe – Shell;
  • Installation and operation ECA of two offshore pipelines in Otway Australia – Allseas;
  • Fitness for service assessment (to BS7910) and burst testing of damaged 30” oil pipes – Sasol;
  • Mechanical characterisation and ECA of 14” clad girth welded pipes – Saipem UK;
  • Fracture characterisation of 13% Cr high strength steel girth welded pipes – various partners in European project JOTSUP;
  • Madoes manifold, pipeline OOS and flanges design check for temperature upgrade – BP;
  • Terra Nova flexible pipeline upheaval buckling design – Acergy Petro Canada;
  • Assessment of manufacturing defect at west sole pipeline for burst pressure;
  • Assessment of Jasmine HPHT pipe-in-pipe riser for burst under well head shut-in pressure WHSIP – Conocophillips;
  • Span assessment of more than 200km pipelines for Armada, east and west Shetland pipelines;
  • Farragon and Goosander FE modelling of bundled Pipe-in-Pipe systems for pipeline expansion check.