Subsea Systems Design and Advanced Analysis

Z-Subsea provides full-life cycle subsea systems design services with the focus on deploying the most experienced team of experts to deliver a robust and economically viable design to meet the project requirements. Typical activities will be covered by Z-Subsea team to recognised codes and standards include:

  • Field Development
  • Subsea field layout and route selection
  • Flow assurance
  • Pipeline system design selection (single, pipe-in-pipe, piggyback or bundle)
  • Subsea pipeline design and analysis including; wall thickness calculation, collapse assessment, buckling assessment, free span assessment, on-bottom stability, to PD8010, DNV, ASME and other industry recognised standards
  • Subsea control system selection and design
  • Subsea systems corrosion analysis and protection (corrosion coating and Cathodic Protection (CP)) design
  • Subsea material selection
  • Subsea risers (rigid, flexible, in caisson, steel catenary, in J-Tubes, etc.) design and analysis using Orcaflex, Flexcom and Sheer 7 software
  • Subsea pipelines and riser installation analysis
  • Umbilical and cables design and analysis
  • Foundation, dropped objects, trawl board impact, hydrodynamic forces and seismic excitation design and analysis of subsea structures including SSIVs, Manifolds, PLEMs, PLETs and UTAs
  • Subsea piping design and analysis
  • Subsea components (Flanges, Bulkheads, Tees, Wyes) design and analysis (non-linear FEA and Load and Resistance Factors Design (LRFD))
  • Tailor-made advanced analysis of special subsea components using FE software ABAQUS

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