ILI data analysis and Fitness for Service (FFS) Assessment

FFS or Fitness for Service assessment is an approach being used in the oil and gas industry in order to assess safe continued operation of assets at presence of defects such as Corrosion (local and general metal loss), dents, gouges, etc.
involved in an FFS assessment are:

  • Review and analysis of the recently gathered NDT and ILI reports and matching/comparing that with the historical data
  • Gathered for the similar asset in order to establish the growth rate variation over the time (Box or signal to signal matching)
  • Highlighting the most critical features that need immediate integrity assessment
  • Calculation of safe working pressure for the asset at presence of those critical features according to DNV RP-F101, API579-1/ASME FFS-1, RSTRENG, PDAM or any client specific code/standard
  • Calculation of Remaining life of the asset at presence of the critical features, grown at a rate which is usually calculated by Z-Subsea
  • Calculation of the inspection intervals
  • Development and implementation of the repair procedures and philosophies