Materials Selection and Corrosion Control

Z-Subsea Materials/Welding/NDT Engineering group provide integrated full life cycle services to the oil and gas industry. The group involvement starts from Concept/Design phase and continues to Construction, Procurement, Fabrication, Installation and Operation phases. Due to the growth in number of aged assets in regions such as North Sea, the group specifically offers specialised services beyond the design life or assets Life Extension (LE).  

As part of successful oil and gas project execution, appropriate materials in various forms such as pipelines, piping system, pressure vessels, subsea structure, etc. should be selected, procured, fabricated and installed. Fit for purpose of the selected materials in terms of the operational condition, resistivity against wear, fatigue, corrosion and protecting requirements (coating and CP systems, etc.) are amongst other Z-Subsea in-depth materials/corrosion offering to the industry. At Z-Subsea, our materials Engineering group has the necessary capability and expertise to deliver the above services starting from high level materials screening/selection during the conceptual phase, provision of procurement specifications especially for the long lead components (Corrosion Resistance Alloys, Clad/lined materials, etc.), support during the operation until the end of the design life and beyond (asset life extension) with aiming at reducing the total life cycle cost. 

Z-Subsea materials group could also assist our client by provision of support on procurement specifications, Component fabrication, Vendor assessment and qualification.


Corrosion mechanisms modelling as part of the materials selection study or Integrity Engineering services (Fitness for Service (FFS) assessments)

Corrosion protection services such as suggestion of the inhibition strategy, preparation of CP design philosophies, reviewing and upgrading existing CP procedures, performing CP surveys (Offshore/onshore) and coating selection and survey.

Failure Investigation

Z-Subsea integrity and materials engineering groups as a common practice team up in order to manage failure investigations by focusing on facts finding studies, data gathering and interpretation and reporting.