Subsea Design ( Conceptual, Pre-FEED, FEED, Detailed Design )

Subsea design services are applicable to Pre-FEED, FEED and Detailed Design phases of the project.  The extent of the study deliverables depend on the Client’s expectation and project’s EPCI schedule as a whole.
A Pre-FEED study aims to find a general solution or development option without dealing with details. However, the main challenges and concerns need to be addressed as well.

A FEED study is supposed to address all uncertainties and suggest a robust solution. In fact track projects there will be very limited possibility to meet project milestones if procurement is postponed till the end of the detailed design.  Therefore, FEED needs to be mature enough to ensure no major change occurs in the next phases of the project as the procurement for long lead items need commence by the end of the FEED.

Typical FEED deliverables include:

  • Flow assurance
  • Asset Geotechnical and geophysical surveys;
  • Field Layout (pipeline routes and control system distribution)
  • Control system philosophy
  • Riser system solution
  • Weight and dimensions and foundation solution for subsea structures
  • General arrangement Drawings
  • Specifications and datasheets for long Lead Items
  • EPCI cost and schedule estimates

A detailed design studies is supposed to address all engineering issues in details.  Construction and installation will be finalised based on the detailed design reports and drawings.  Therefore, detailed design is supposed to provide a very extensive coverage on all aspect of the project.